It's child rearing in the extraordinary. A female duck with 76 ducklings in her charge.

Where she goes, they take after. Every one of them.

Novice untamed life picture taker Brent Cizek saw the brood from a separation while drifting on Lake Bemidgi in Minnesota, in the United States. So he headed towards them to discover more.

"I was overwhelmed by what I saw," he said.

"It was an extremely blustery day, and the waves on the lake were making it extremely hard to move my little watercraft, yet when I saw the hen out front with the chicks close by, I knew I needed to do whatever I could to get a photograph.

"I took many pictures and was simply imploring that one of the photographs would be in center, alongside having the whole brood in the edge. I surged home after that to take a gander at the photographs and was stunned with the photograph and posted it quickly."

Specialists say the photograph, which has been shared among winged creature traditionalists and highlighted on the National Audubon Society's site, offers an outrageous case of a to some degree basic marvel in nature.

Yale University ornithologist Richard O Prum revealed to The New York Times it was "a phenomenal locating".

Gatherings of 20 to 30 ducklings with a solitary hen have been accounted for, however more than 70 is surprising.

Mr Cizek said he was overwhelmed by the worldwide consideration his now-popular photographs had gathered.

"It has been an extremely incredible affair getting the opportunity to impart the photograph to such huge numbers of individuals," he said.

"Nature is really stunning, and I have adapted such a great amount about this species subsequent to taking the photograph, and I trust my photographs urges others to find out about them too."

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